Migrantov Obyazali Uvedomlyat MVD RF O Nachale Raboty V Rossii

"Foreign citizens are required to submit a notification of employment to the territorial office of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs within 2 months from the date of obtaining a patent"

Prezident RF Uprostil Vydachu Grazhdanstva RF Inostrancam

"We are talking about residents of other countries who have signed contracts with the Russian army"

Gosduma RF Povysila Vizovyj Sbor Dlya Grazhdan Evropy

"Deputies responded in kind to the suspension by European countries of agreements on simplified visa issuance for Russians"

V Rossii Planiruetsya Izmenit Poryadok Predostavleniya Potrebitelskih Kreditov

"The financial organization must ensure that the citizen is creditworthy, enters into the contract voluntarily, and intends to fulfill its terms"

Gosduma RF Predostavila Inostrancam Pravo Prohodit Obyazatelnuyu Daktiloskopiyu Za Rubezhom

"The document also expands the practice of involving enterprises subordinate to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in providing state services in the field of migration"

MVD RF Predlozhilo Obyazat Vsekh Inostrancev Prohodit Daktiloskopiyu Pri Vezde V Rossiyu

"Since 2021, labor migrants are required to undergo fingerprint registration and photography within one to three months"

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