Vladimir Putin Podpisal Zakon O Zaprete Reklamy U Inostrannyh Agentov

"Both the advertiser and the advertising distributor will be held responsible for violating the law"

Pravitelstvo RF Vydilit Subsidii Na Zakupku Novogo Oborudovaniya Dlya Televeshchaniya S Subtitrami

"Funding for these purposes is provided within the framework of the state program "Accessible Environment""

Roskomnadzor Otkryl Lichnyj Kabinet Dlya Predstavitelej SMI

"Working in a personal account will simplify interaction with the department and reduce paperwork"

V Rossii Nachnut Proveryat Obem Auditorii Sajtov SMI

"Changes will take effect on October 1"

Vladimir Putin Otklonil Zakon O Fejkah V SMI

"The document was returned to the State Duma on June 15, the next day the rejected bill was submitted to the relevant committee"

V Rossii Vvedena Obyazatelnaya Vakcinaciya Zhurnalistov

"Media workers are currently only required to vaccinate against COVID-19 in one region"

SMI Obyazhut Upominat O Zaprete Terroristicheskih Organizacij

"The law will prohibit the dissemination of information about terrorist organizations in the media without indicating that they are prohibited"

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