Gosduma RF Rassmotrit Zakonoproekt O Prekrashchenii Grazhdanstva RF Za Narushenie Prisyagi Grazhdanina

"The State Duma previously approved an amendment on the termination of acquired citizenship for incitement to extremism"

Dlja Osuzhdennyh Migrantov Mogut Vvesti Pozhiznennyj Zapret Na Vezd V RF

"The draft law proposes to establish a lifelong ban on entry into Russia for convicted migrants, regardless of the category of the committed crime"

Pravitelstvo RF Planiruet Uzhestochit Kontrol Za Migrantami

"In Russia, control over the influx of migrants may be tightened after the terrorist attack"

Bank Rossii Prodlevaet Ogranicheniya Na Snyatie Inostrannoj Valyuty

"The restrictions will be in effect from April 1st to September 30th, 2024, inclusive"

Mintrud RF Planiruet Sozdat Strukturu Dlya Celevogo Nabora Inostrannyh Rabotnikov

"Due to the new rules, it is planned to employ 300,000 foreigners by 2030"

Mintrud RF Predlozhil Ogranichit Srok Zaklyucheniya Trudovyh Dogovorov S Migrantami

"Currently, employment contracts with foreign citizens can be concluded on an indefinite and fixed-term basis"

Vladimir Putin Podpisal Zakon O Zaprete Reklamy U Inostrannyh Agentov

"Both the advertiser and the advertising distributor will be held responsible for violating the law"

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