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“We provide professional support  help in closing M&A deals, starting from negotiations and deal structure up to it's closing”


Mergers and acquisitions have become popular strategic decisions taken for growth and expansion of business. Competently and efficiently carried out M&A deal can increase the business value and efficiency, consolidates resources, and create new opportunities for growth and development.

In order to have successful M&A transaction many aspects should be taken into account during its planning and structuring: performance of due diligence; determination of the eventual outcome of the transaction, choice of the most appropriate legal form of the transaction, analysis of the transaction taxation and the used financial instruments; definition of all rights and obligations of the transaction members; consideration of requirements of antimonopoly law, etc.

We provide a full range of legal services in M&A, including:

- support of negotiation process of the parties and agreeing on the major conditions  and terms of the transaction;

- consulting during purchse or sale of the assets;

- consulting in acquisition or disposal of shares;

- mergers consulting and leverage buybacks (LBO);

- managerial buyouts transactions;

- advising in purchase of assets with payment by various means (money, stocks);

- advising in putting together of joint ventures and strategic partnerships;

- due diligence;

- protection from hostile takeovers;

- ensuring with compliance of the transaction with antimonopoly legislation;

- advice in taxation of M&A transactions;

- protecting interests in court.

We help our clients successfully close M&A deals. Lawspells provides professional support of mergers and acquisitions, from negotiations and structuring of the deal to its closing.

For effective implementation of each deal and reaching goals we form a team of professionals in different fields. This approach helps accomplish the transaction to maximum effect.

Here is a list of examples of our experience in M&A deal support:

- Deal transaction legal support and advise in international cable manufacturer in relation to the acquisition of an 80% stock in a Russian cable producer, located in Moscow region;

- Legal support and deal transaction for Western Media Holding company about step-by-step purchase of 100% stock of the Russian News Internet Portal;

- Legal support and consulting for the Russian company, specialized on the outdoor advertisement on the acquisiton of a 100% stock in the authorized captial of a Russian advertising company;

- Legal support in the deal transaction for the company from Finland, which specializes on the exctraction and processing of industrial minerals, concerning of the acquisition of a 100% stock in the authorized captial of a Russian supplier of mineral raw materials;

- Advertising company consulting during the purchase of the Russian advertisiing holding;

- Representing Turkish compnay of the cement production in the purchase deal of two plants located in Russia. 


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