Обработка и защита персональных данных услуги лоспеллс

“We help to ensure that business activities comply with personal data legislation, develop and organize a procedure for working with personal data and protecting it.”


Currently, Russia has a number of legislative acts directed to protect personal data.

In accordance with Russian law, all companies and private entrepreneurs are obligated to take a set of measures to protect the personal data of their employees and other people whose personal data they process.

If a company or an entrepreneur collects, processes or transfers personal data of individuals as part of their commercial activities (for example, banks, recruitment agencies, travel companies, outsourcing companies), they are the operators of personal data and are obligated to notify Roskomnadzor about the processing of personal data. Moreover, with respect to personal data, operators are obligated to take certain actions directed to protect the data:

- develop local acts, which will manage the procedure of working with personal data;

- train staff and acquaint them with the requirements of the legislation concerning the protection and processing of personal data;

- provide special conditions in the company for working with personal data;

- provide technical protection of personal data during it's processing in information systems.

In accordance with Russian law, personal data of Russian citizens must be stored on the territory of Russia. In this regard, international companies with offices located in Russia and transferring personal data abroad need to pay particular attention to the organization of work with personal data in order to avoid risks associated with violation of legislation on personal data.

Violation of the procedure for processing personal data may become a basis for uprising of the labor and civil disputes or inspections by regulatory state departments. For violation of laws in the area of personal data protection, civil, administrative and criminal liability will be enforced.

Companies don't always have the opportunity to independently ensure the protection of personal data. Proper organization of the personal data protection in the company is a rather laborious process which requires the involvement of significant administrative resources and work of professionals with practical experience in organizing the procedure for processing and protecting personal data.

Lawspells has a solid track record of developing regulations and implementing processes for handling personal data.

We help our clients to ensure the compliance of their business with the laws on personal data, to develop and organize a procedure for working with personal data and it's protection, taking into account the specifics of the organization and business activities.


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