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“We help to specify and implement the most suitable way of liquidation for businesses. We also protect the rights of our clients in the case of forced business liquidation”


Any business owner can face a need to liquidate a company. It may be relevant for various reasons: business restructuring, bankruptcy or other financial problems, termination of joint business etc.

Governmental authorities for various reasons, can initiate forced liquidation of the company also. For example, compulsory liquidation of the company by tax authorities is quite common in Russia.

There are various ways of liquidation and the so-called alternative liquidation of business:

- official liquidation of a legal entity;

- official termination of the status of an individual entrepreneur;

- reorganization of a legal entity in the form of merger or acquisition;

- sale of a legal entity;

- liquidation of a company as a result of bankruptcy.

Official liquidation of a legal entity and alternative liquidation are quite complex procedures requiring practical experience. These procedures suppose an execution of a number of legal actions and may lead to long-term tax audits.

In the case of compulsory liquidation by governmental authorities the company needs qualified support of the whole procedure, representation of its interests in relations with governmental authorities and in court.

We have successful experience in supporting business liquidations. We help our clients specify and implement the most suitable way of liquidation. We also provide comprehensive legal support, if forced liquidation was initiated, to avoid complete suspension of business activities.


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