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“We help our clients to negotiate and put into writting the most favorable terms of the deal.”


Contract negotiations with the opposite party often becomes one of the most important and labor-consuming steps in the deal.

As a rule, there are main commercial terms of the contract to be discussed between the parties. But there are also a number of purely legal, financial and other terms that, without proper attention can lead to different risks (for example: moment of the ownership transfer and the risk of accidental loss, time of premises transfer to the tenant, etc. ).

Negotiation of contracts requires qualified legal support. Only an experienced specialist is able to review the terms and take account of all high-risk aspects of the deal, as well as reasonably defend the client’s interests in negotiations with the other part. Participation of lawyers in negotiations with counterparties usually allows saving time for contracts approval and making the best of the deal.

Our attorneys have broad experience in support of contracts negotiation and approval process.

We help our clients to negotiate and execute the most favorable terms of the deal. We also help to develop, implement and negotiate model contracts which protect and minimize our client’s liabilities.


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