Юридическая фирма Лоспеллс

Юридическая фирма Лоспеллс

Юридическая фирма Лоспеллс

+7 (495) 287-60-87

+7 (495) 287-60-87

+7 (495) 287-60-87

Устраняем риски, поднимаем над препятствиями!

Устраняем риски, поднимаем над препятствиями!

Устраняем риски, поднимаем над препятствиями!


professional legal support for your business in Russia

Doing business in Russia requires the ability to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving Russian economy and complex legal environment. Quality and timely legal support allows you to save your time and avoid unnecessary legal risks or financial losses.

We help businesses adapt to the unique legal environment in Russia.

Lawspells offers a wide range of legal services to clients operating and investing in Russia. We provide comprehensive legal support to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes from just-conceived startups to global companies across all major industries.

We have sound experience and focused on the following practice areas:

The diversity of our team and commitment to fully understanding and focus on each client’s specific business, industry environment, and legal concerns allow us to provide innovative and practical legal solutions.

Contact us for experienced legal advice or find out more about our services.

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