MID RF Planiruet Uvelichit Cenu Uslugi Po Vyhodu Iz Grazhdanstva

"The changes will affect the cost of services at consular offices abroad"

Gosduma RF Planiruet Uslozhnit Poluchenie Rossijskogo Grazhdanstva

"Deputies have proposed banning individuals with a criminal record from obtaining Russian citizenship"

Inostrannym Grazhdanam Izmenyat Pravila Prozhivaniya V Rossii

"Those who have an account on the "Gosuslugi" portal will find it easier to register for migration"

Vladimir Putin Podpisal Zakon O Blokirovke Sredstv Popavshih Pod Sankcii Inostrancev

"The decision to impose restrictions in each specific case is made by the President of the Russian Federation based on proposals from the Security Council"

MID RF Obyazhet Rossiyan Soobshchat O Poluchenii Drugogo Grazhdanstva Ili VNZH

"This must be done through embassies and consulates within 60 days after obtaining a residence permit or citizenship"

V Rossii Nachali Vydavat Elektronnye Vizy Inostrannym Grazhdanam

"According to the current Russian legislation, this visa is subject to a fee"

Inostrannye Investory Mogut Poluchit VNZH V Rossii V Uproshchennom Poryadke

"The term of the contract for a foreigner with the Armed Forces of Russia must be at least one year"

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