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“We help our clients to develop draft contracts and optimize the process of negotiations.”


When you design a draft contract in the correct manner, which you will use regularly in your business activities, it will help you to optimize and make negotiations easier on the whole contract, both inside your own company and with the opposite party of the contract.

Approved draft contracts meet commercial interests and business processes of the company and can significantly reduce business risks associated with undocumented obligations under the contract.

In order to draft appropriate model of the contract you need to address it to an experienced attorney who can understand your business needs and industry and consider all the risks related to the contract.

Lawspells specialists have considerable experience in development and implementation of draft contracts and their approval processes for businesses operating in different economical sectors (heavy and light manufacturing, FMGG, construction, information technologies, advertisement, media and others).

We develop draft contracts and we help to organize the process of negotiations on such contracts and their usage according to the business specifics of our clients. 


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