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“We provide complex legal support to protect the interests of business, both at the stage of pre-trial settlement of a dispute, and when considering a dispute in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.”


The rights and legal interests  of business are often violated, when there is a non-fulfilment of obligations by the parties, actions from government authorities taken agaist business and other cases, during business activities. The need to resolve a dispute arises. 

There are various tools for resolving a dispute at the pre-trial stage, but sometimes the transfer of a dispute to the court is the only tool for its successful solution.

Lawspells provides full legal support for protecting business interests, both at the stage of pre-trial settlement of a dispute and when considering a dispute in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction. Our lawyers have successful experience in conducting cases in various regions of Russia, in arbitration courts of the first, appeal, cassation instances and in supervisory review proceedings.

We provide protection of interests in resolving disputes of different directions, including:

- commercial disputes;

- corporate disputes;

- disputes related to stock papers, bonds and investments;

- disputes in the area of copyright and intellectual property;

- tax disputes;

- disputes bankruptcy cases;

- labor disputes;

- administrative disputes;

- and others.

We provide the assistance of experienced consultants for negotiating the pre-trial resolution of disputes with the most acceptable result for you, as well as effective legal support during court trial.


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