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“We help to prepare for an audit by administrative control departments, to avoid or minimize the risk of bringing to administrative responsibility.”


The possibility of an administrative dispute and rising of an administrative responsibility on a fairly wide range of grounds covered by Russian laws is one of the most pressing risks for businesses.

Companies and entrepreneurs are often brought to various kinds of administrative liability following the results of inspections by government authorities. Such liability can be expressed both in the form of a minor fine, or in the form of the  fairly large sums or suspension the activities of the business as a whole.

Within the framework of administrative disputes, non-normative acts, decisions, actions or inaction of government officials, local authorities, officials that do not comply with Russian legislation and violate the rights of companies and individual entrepreneurs are contested.

To prepare for an audit by government departments, to avoid or minimize the risk of bringing to administrative responsibility, you need the help of qualified specialists. Lawspells has the necessary knowledge and successful experience in resolving disputes with government and state authorities.

We provide qualified legal support on the following issues:

- advising on administrative law issues;

- advising on preparation for successful passing on inspections by goverment authorities;

- invalidation of decisions on bringing to administrative responsibility;

- acceptance of acts, decisions or actions / inaction of government departments and authorities and officials invalid (illegal).

We regularly provide support to our clients in conducting inspections by government authorities and resolving administrative disputes.


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