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“We help ensure that businesses comply with labor laws and eliminate the risks of labor disputes.”


Compliance with labor laws is one of the top priorities for any business in Russia.

Russian law protects the interests of employees and provides for various sanctions for violation of their rights, up to the suspension of the company's activities or criminal punishment. The labor inspectorate and the prosecutor's office have broad powers to investigate violations of labor laws, and courts often rule in favor of workers.

To minimize the risks of labor disputes, the employer company must take measures to protect its interests even at the stage of registration of labor relations with the employee. Such measures are most preferable in comparison with the need to resolve a labor conflict and eliminate its consequences.

An important role in the observance of labor laws by the company and its employees is played by the presence of local regulations that regulate the rights and obligations of employees and the company's activities to protect the labor rights of employees.

Lawspells will help you ensure that your business complies with labor laws and eliminate the risk of labor disputes.

Our lawyers specialize in the following areas of labor law:

- Consulting in the field of labor law;

- Registration of labor relations;

- Local regulations, corporate policy;

- Resolution of labor disputes;

- Processing and protection of personal data;

- and many other aspects of labor relations.

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