консультирование в области трудового права услуги лоспеллс

“We help to ensure that businesses activities comply with labor laws and to prevent labor disputes.”


All companies and entrepreneurs are participants of labor relations, during business activities issues constantly arise in the connection with labor law. 

Solving the issues of compliance of business activities with Russian labor law requires a quick response and the availability of practical experience, also knowledge in the area of labor law.

Timely legal support on the regulation of labor relations is necessary to prevent labor disputes with employees and helps to avoid the risks of being prosecuted for violation of labor laws.

Our specialists have extensive experience in resolving issues in the area of labor relations regulation. We regularly advise HR professionals and business leaders regarding their suitability with labor laws.

Lawspells will provide you with professional legal support and advice on:

- acceptance for work, transfer and change of working conditions of personnel;

- layoffs and staff reductions;

- formalizing labor relations with foreign workers;

- application of Immigration laws and responsibility of foreign workers;

- staff observance with labor discipline;

- temporary suspension of labor functions;

- the use of hired personnel (secondment, outstuffing);

- labor safety protection;

- taxes in labor relations;

- protection of employee's personal data;

- application of finacial liability of employees;

- application of responsibility for violation of labor laws;

- and many other issues arising in the field of labor relations regulation.

We will help you ensure that your business complies with labor laws, prevent the occurrence of a labor dispute or resolve it with the most acceptable result for you.


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