V Rossii Planiruetsya Ogranichit Zarubezhnye Perevody V Rublyah

"The Bank of Russia has stated that the proposal for a limit on the withdrawal of funds abroad in rubles requires discussion"

Rossiyanam Mogut Razreshit Vnesudebnoe Bankrotstvo

"The corresponding initiative was put forward by the Ministry of Economic Development"

Centrobank Mozhet Zakrepit Pravo Zaemshchikov Na Anonimnost

"Experts believe that the right of bank customers to anonymity should be allocated to a separate category of consumer protection"

Gosduma RF Razreshila Provodit Finansovye Operacii Po Voditelskomu Udostovereniyu

"The author of the initiative was the Government of the Russian Federation"

Centrobank Nachal Markirovat Sajty Lombardov

"Thanks to the labeling, people will be able to distinguish legal financial institutions from illegal ones"

K Vzyskaniyu Dolgov Po ZHKKH Nachnut Privlekat Kollektorov

"The Ministry of Construction has prepared amendments to the bill “On Amendments to Art. 155 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation""

Vladimir Putin Uzhestochil Nakazanie Za Prednamerennoe Bankrotstvo

"Corresponding amendments are made to Art. 195 and 196 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation"

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