юридическое сопровождение коммерческой деятельности услуги лоспеллс

"We provide professional legal support in all aspects for all types of  business activities in Russia."

Business activities of any company with any type of ownership and level of business is regulated by certain legal acts. Failure to comply with legal requirements while executing such activities  will become a reason to be accountable for different types of liability. 


Quality legal support of business activities allows  you to avoid the risks associated with law violation and default on obligations of counterparties, which positively affects the general efficiency of the business. Lawspells helps to ensure compliance of internal processes of our clients' businesses with Russian and international laws, as well as protection of their interests in cooperation with local and global contractors and government authorities.

We provide professional legal support on the following matters:

- drafting frame contracts for business;

- contracts negotiations and expertise;

- complex legal check-ups of the conducted contracts;

legal support of foreign economic activity and trade;

- organization and support of trade classifiedes;

- compliance with FCPA anti-corruption rules and UK Bribery Act.

We provide tailored and integrated legal support of commercial business activities which meets our clients’ specific needs and goals.


Contact Lawspells Law Firm to receive comprehensive professional legal support of the business activities for your company.

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Your advisor in the area of legal support for businesses. Do you need the help of a civil lawyer and legal support for you business? Contact Dmitry directly via this contact form.

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