Оформление приглашений на въезд в Россию от имени компании услуги лоспеллс

“We provide comprehensive legal support in the area of  Immigration law, acquiring invitations to enter Russia, both for one time entry and for huge projects which require the involvement of a large number foreign citizens.”


The legislation does not prohibit self-preparation of invitation letters by companies wishing to invite foreign citizens to Russia for a business visit.

This letter is addressed to a specific Russian consulate department and is written in a  free form, using company's letterhead, indicating the purpose of the visit, type of visa, terms and details of the invited foreign person. As a next step, the original of such letter of invitation is sent to a foreign citizen, who submits it to the appropriate Russian Consulate Department. If such  letter is correctly drawn up, a foreign citizen will receive a visa for it.

A foreign citizen can also be invited by a third-party company organizing his business visit at the request of the client company. In such a case, the invitation letter is issued by such third party company.

We regularly help our clients organize business visits for their employees and partners. Lawspells specialists will advise you on all aspects of issuing invitations for foreign citizens, help you organize the entire process, from composing an invitation letter to arranging a visit, entry and exit of a foreign citizen.


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