Привлечение на работу иностранных работников не ВКС услуги лоспеллс

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Unlike the process of obtaining work permits for highly qualified specialists (HQS), companies aiming to attract foreign non-HQ workers from countries, whose citizens require a visa to enter Russian Federation, must go through a more complicated and long avenue of paperwork with government agencies.

First of all, the company must secure the permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to hire and use foreign workers, including filling out a special application form approved by law, with the attachment of corporate papers and documentation, payment of state fees and a draft labor contract.

Each company wishing to recruit foreign citizens must receive a quota, grounding its intention and providing an impressive set of documents. Even if an employee is accepted for a “quota-free” position, you will have to go through the process of taking this vacancy position at the employment center, where the company can be possibly denied a work permit. In addition, the foreign worker himself must receive in a legal way special certificate confirming knowledge of the basics of the Russian language, the history of Russia and the basics of Russian legislation.

The main stages of recruiting a foreign worker include:

- Registration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for issuing an invitation to enter Russia;

- Registration of a permit to hire foreign workers;

- Registration of a work permit;

- Registration of an invitation for a single-entry work visa for up to 3 months;

- Notification of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation about the employment of a foreign worker;

- Registration of a multiple-entry work visa for up to 1 year;

- Setting up a TaxID for a foreign worker. 

The whole process is very complicated, requiring a detailed preliminary analysis, professional preparation of the necessary documents, as well as constant communication with the Immigration authorities.

We have the necessary experience, qualifications and will help you quickly and efficiently organize the entire process of employing  foreign workers.


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