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“We help to avoid the risks associated with errors in the formalization of relations with employees.”


The main task of labor legislation is to create the necessary legal conditions and regulate labor relations between the employer and his staff.

In accordance with the Labor Code of Russia, the employer is obligated to formalize labor relations with the employee in writing, by concluding a labour contract.

Depending on the nature of the work, the employer is also obligated to take a number of actions and draw up a number of internal documents in relation to the employee, directed  to abidance with labor legislation:

- send the employee for a medical examination before hiring (if there are grounds);

- receive an application for employment and personal documents of the employee;

- to acquaint the employee with the local regulations of the company;

- conclude a financial responsibility agreement (if there are grounds);

- issue an order for employment acceptance;

- make a record of employment in the work book;

- issue personal cards, employee's personal file;

- ensure the safety of documents in the employee's personal file;

- and others.

Lawspells will help you understand the complexities of HR paperflow when registering labor relations with any categories of workers, as well as at the change of conditions of such relations or dismissing employees.

We regularly advise our clients on labor law issues and help to avoid the risks associated with mistakes in formalizing relations with employees.


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