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“We provide comprehensive legal support in the field of migration law.”


Modern business often includes an international element, including visits from foreign partners and inviting citizens of other states to work.

Interaction with Russian state migration control bodies is fraught with many "pitfalls", ignorance of which can cause mistakes that can seriously complicate the entire process of registration of foreign citizens' entry into Russia or even lead to administrative and criminal proceedings.

Unfortunately, there are often situations when government officials themselves create conditions that complicate the paperwork process, for example, request additional documents and information, exceeding their authority.

For the successful and fast passage of migration formalities in Russia, an individual approach to each case of registration of a foreign citizen is required, both with regard to individual entry and for large projects that involve a large number of foreign citizens. It is necessary to work out the entire process of paperwork in advance, take into account the risks, and competently interact with government agencies.

The Lawspells team has a wealth of practical experience in migration services. We are able to provide you with high-quality legal assistance at all stages of paperwork for foreign citizens, as well as competently represent your interests in government agencies. We analyze in advance each case of the need for foreign citizens to enter Russia and offer practical solutions that meet the needs of your business.

We provide services to represent clients' interests related to migration issues, including:

- Registration of invitations to enter Russia from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation;

- Registration of invitations to enter Russia on behalf of the company;

- Hiring foreign highly qualified workers (HQS);

- Hiring foreign workers (not HQS).

Lawspells will provide legal support for your business in the field of migration law, we will provide comprehensive services for the registration of foreign citizens for work and the design of business visits.

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