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“We help to resolve disputes in relations with tax authorities, as well as provide qualified business support in the area of taxation.”


Tax disputes are most common disputes in court practice. Tax disputes arise between tax authorities and taxpayers on the calculation and payment of taxes, as well as in connection with bringing taxpayers to responsibility for deliquencies in the area of taxes and fees.

Companies are often brought to tax liability, while the claims of the tax authorities are not always justified. Turning to experienced specialists allows you to get ready for tax audits, avoid additional taxes and, as a result, minimize the risks of being brought to tax liability or tax disputes.

Lawspells specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience to resolve disputes with tax authorities and support business in the area of paying taxes. We will help to defend the rights and interests of your business, both in the settlement of disputes with tax authorities, and in the process of litigation, as well as provide advice on complex tax issues.

We provide legal support on the following issues:

- consulting on taxation issues;

- legal support during cameral audit and visits from tax inspection;

- preparation of objections to the check-up acts of tax audits;

- participation in the process of documents check-up by inspections from tax authorities;

- appeal against decisions of tax authorities;

- representing clients in tax disputes in arbitration courts;

- assistance in the return of value added tax (VAT) from the budget;

- other issues in relations with tax authorities.

We help to find effective solutions in controversial situations arising in the process of tax inspections and control.


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