MID RF Prorabatyvaet Vopros Vvedeniya Konsulskogo Ucheta Zhivushchih Za Granicej Rossiyan

"The initiative is outlined in the plan of the migration policy concept for the period from 2024 to 2025"

V Rossii Budet Sozdana Sistema Pomogayushchaya V Relokacii Inostrannogo Biznesa

"The mechanism will help foreigners relocate their business assets to Russia or move to the country"

Izmeneny Pravila Dlya Pereezda Sootechestvennikov V Rossiyu

"Those wishing to relocate to Russia will be able to confirm their knowledge of the Russian language in three ways"

Pravitelstvo RF Planiruet Prodlit Mery Po Prodazhe Valyutnoj Vyruchki Do Konca 2024 Goda

"According to Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov, this measure has proven its effectiveness"

Migrantov Obyazali Uvedomlyat MVD RF O Nachale Raboty V Rossii

"Foreign citizens are required to submit a notification of employment to the territorial office of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs within 2 months from the date of obtaining a patent"

Pravitelstvo RF Utverdilo Plan Po Realizacii Koncepcii Migracionnoj Politiki

"The two-year plan includes more than 40 different activities"

Prezident RF Uprostil Vydachu Grazhdanstva RF Inostrancam

"We are talking about residents of other countries who have signed contracts with the Russian army"

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