Локальные нормативные акты корпоративная политика услуги лоспеллс

“We help to develop and aceept internal documents which regulate and optimize business processes.”


Local legal acts (LLA), in addition to the provisions of the legislation, are pretty much flexible tool for managing relations between employees and employers.

Russian legislation provides a list of local legals acts that are mandatory for every employer: internal labor regulations, provisions on wages and bonuses, job descriptions, staffing.

Companies also develop and approve internal regulations (corporate policy, regulations, instructions, etc.) that govern labor relations and business processes of a company or group of companies. Such documents may include the company's policy in the area of customer relations, protection of company's privacy, processing and protection of personal data, protection of "know-how" and official works, regulation of business processes (for example, tender policy, procedures for internal approval of documents), also other paperwork, the presence of which is dictated by the corporate culture and business specifics adopted in the company.

Particular attention must be paid to compliance with the procedure for approving internal documents established by law and corporate papers of companies. Failure to comply with such requirements may result in the accepting of an internal document as invalid and entail undesirable consequences for the company in case of disputes.

The presence of well-drafted internal documents allows you to optimize business processes and increase business efficiency, avoid the uprising of labor and corporate disputes, as well as minimize the risks of bringing companies and their managers to responsibility for violation of the law in the event of such disputes.

Lawspells has a wealth of practical experience in the development and approval of various local regulations governing business activities. We help our clients develop and adopt internal documents which meet the requirements of doing business and optimize business processes.


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