V Rossii Stanet Legche Privlekat Inostrancev Dlya Podgotovki Mezhdunarodnyh Meropriyatij

"The list of international events that will be affected by the law, as well as the timing of their holding will be determined by the Government of the Russian Federation"


The Government of the Russian Federation has submitted for consideration to the State Duma a draft of amendments to a number of laws, including the Law "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation," aimed at simplifying the attraction of foreigners to work in Russia during major international events.

The explanatory note to the document notes that earlier in Russia for major international events (2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, 2018 FIFA World Cup, WorldSkills professional skill championships, etc.), separate federal laws were adopted, establishing the features of entry, stay in the Russian Federation, as well as the implementation of labor activities by foreign citizens and stateless persons. The adoption of this document will eliminate the need to issue separate federal laws for each international event.

The document notes that the bill provides for the right of organizers of international events in which Russia takes part, to attract and use foreign citizens to carry out labor activities in order to prepare and conduct these events, as well as the construction of facilities necessary for their holding.

The organizers do not need to obtain a permit to attract and use foreign workers, and a foreign citizen is not required to obtain a patent or work permit, as well as an invitation to enter the Russian Federation in order to carry out labor activities.


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