Centrobank Mozhet Zakrepit Pravo Zaemshchikov Na Anonimnost

"Experts believe that the right of bank customers to anonymity should be allocated to a separate category of consumer protection"

The International Confederation of Consumer Societies (ConfOP) plans to apply to the Central Bank with a proposal to establish a normative rule according to which the requirement for a passport and registration of an application for consultation will be considered a violation of clients' rights.

This requirement appeared after the KonFOP monitoring of the state of protection of the rights of consumers of credit services by the method of a secret buyer. Representatives of the organization visited the offices of 10 banks under the guise of potential borrowers. Not a single bank provided a loan agreement for review, and most organizations refused to give advice without a passport and an application for a loan.

Based on the monitoring results, the organization will make a request to the Central Bank with proposals for regulating the credit market, which relate to the issue of personal data protection and recommendations to banks not to request them at the consultation stage.



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