Prezident RF Uvelichil Porog Dolga Dlja Nachala Bankrotstva Kompanij

"The amendments came into effect on the day of their publication"


President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a law raising the debt amount required to initiate corporate bankruptcy from 300,000 to 2 million rubles. These changes do not affect special subjects and do not alter the minimum debt threshold for initiating bankruptcy for individuals and entrepreneurs, which will remain at 500,000 rubles.

The amendments expand the list of situations in which courts can make decisions without holding a hearing and issue only the operative part of rulings. This rule will apply to disputes about:

- the inclusion of creditors' claims in the register;

- the release of a manager from duties at their request;

- the distribution of court costs;

- the extension of external administration and bankruptcy proceedings.

If a decision made in this manner is appealed, the court is obliged to provide the reasoning part.

Arbitration managers will now be able to request information about the debtor, their counterparties, and spouse without prior recourse to the court. Financial managers will be able to obtain information through the court about the property and bank accounts of the debtor's relatives. Judges will consider these issues without holding a hearing. Additionally, the spouse or former spouse of the debtor will gain participant status in the bankruptcy case.

The law changes the procedure for approving the manager's fee: the manager will be able to calculate the amount of interest independently if it does not exceed 100,000 rubles. The court will decide on remuneration up to 1 million rubles without holding a hearing, and for amounts exceeding 1 million rubles - during a court session.


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