MVD RF Predlozhilo Uprostit Vozvrashchenie V Rossiyu Dlya Repatriantov

"The department is specifying the group of individuals entitled to the status of a family member of a resettlement program participant"


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has proposed simplifying the procedure for participation in the state resettlement program for compatriots from unfriendly countries and expanding it to repatriates.

According to the document, the project aims to improve conditions for Russian citizens who lived in unfriendly countries and returned to Russia, enabling them to participate in the state resettlement program with the necessary documents. The new rules are also proposed to be applied to compatriots relocating as repatriates.

The explanatory note to the project states that in 2023, about 30% of compatriots arriving from unfriendly countries and receiving temporary asylum in Russia have relatives born or residing in Russia within its present borders. The document also notes that a significant portion of these resettlers arrived with family members.

The project involves specifying the circle of persons entitled to the status of a family member of a resettlement program participant. The category will be expanded to include adopted or wards of the spouse of the program participant.

As part of the proposals, resettlers will also be granted the right to import personal property, including motor vehicles, duty-free on a one-time basis.

The draft directive was developed in accordance with the instructions of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Tatyana Golikova, and the plan of measures for the implementation of the Concept of the State Migration Policy of the Russian Federation for 2019-2025.


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