Pravitelstvo RF Otmenilo Zapret Na Postavki Benzina Za Granicu

"A more extended retention of the gasoline export ban could have led to a decrease in processing due to the filling of storage spaces for fuel"


The Russian government has decided to lift restrictions on gasoline exports starting from November 17. This decision was announced after a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak and representatives of oil companies. The export restrictions were initially imposed to stabilize the market and mitigate the impact of high stock exchange quotations, which significantly affected damping subsidies for oil companies.

The ban on the export of gasoline and diesel fuel had been in effect since September 21, and although restrictions on diesel fuel were eased in early October, gasoline remained under the ban until recently. The primary motivation for implementing these restrictions was to maintain stability in the domestic market and curb price increases.

The removal of export restrictions coincided with the approval of a bill in the State Duma of Russia on the full restoration of damping payments to oil companies. This project, approved on November 17, provides compensation to companies for lost income caused by export restrictions and the freezing of damping subsidies in September.


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