MVD RF Predlozhilo Uprazdnit Gosudarstvennyj Kontrol Za Migrantami

"The agency plans to replace state control over migrants with administrative supervision"

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has proposed to abolish state control in the field of migration. Migration security is planned to be ensured within the framework of a new institute. The corresponding draft law has been published on the federal portal of normative legal acts.

"In order to solve the tasks of ensuring national security and increasing the efficiency of the functioning of the internal affairs bodies in the field of countering illegal migration, it is proposed to abolish state control in the field of migration, and to ensure migration security within the framework of a new institute - administrative supervision over the stay (residence) of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation," the explanatory note to the draft law said.

The document notes that state control in the field of migration is not a separate direction, but is carried out within the framework of general operational and service activities. At the same time, the existing mechanisms and restrictions on conducting checks hinder effective work in this direction and shift its vector towards formal activities with low effectiveness, the Russian Interior Ministry said. The police will be given corresponding powers and duties when carrying out administrative supervision in the field of migration.

The draft law will state that "the purpose of administrative supervision in the field of migration is to ensure the rule of law and public order by timely identifying foreign citizens who do not have or have lost legal grounds for staying on the territory of the Russian Federation and carrying out certain types of activities on its territory, as well as applying legal measures of influence to them and other persons who have violated the rules (requirements) in the field of migration, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation."

Administrative supervision will include ensuring the placement of up-to-date information on migration requirements, responsibility for non-compliance, as well as the prevention of administrative crimes, warning and prevention of offenses in the field of migration.

In addition, another draft law is planned to bring the Administrative Offences Code into line with the proposed changes.

The implementation of the proposed draft law will not require an increase in the number of staff. It is planned that the document will enter into force one year after the day of official publication.



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