V Grazhdanskom Kodekse RF Poyavitsya Obyazannost Rossiyan Ustanavlivat Datchiki Dyma V Kvartire Za Svoj Schet

"In Art. 20.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation will provide for a fine for the corresponding violation"

EMERCOM of Russia has presented an updated draft amendments to the Fire Fighting Regulations (PPR). The amendments propose to supplement the PPR with a new clause: “85.1. Rooms of apartments and residential buildings (with the exception of premises for auxiliary use) that are not subject to protection by a fire alarm system and (or) a warning and evacuation system in case of fire, must be equipped with autonomous smoke detectors. "

The purchase and installation of this equipment will be at their own expense:

- apartment owners. According to clause 1 of the PPR, fire safety requirements are established that determine the procedure for maintaining buildings, structures, premises in order to ensure fire safety, and the burden of maintaining property lies with its owner (Article 210 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation);

- tenants of apartments under social rent agreements. In accordance with Art. 38 of the Law on Fire Safety, responsibility for violation of fire safety requirements for apartments (rooms) in buildings of state and municipal housing stock rests with responsible tenants.

Note that the draft amendments to the PPR proposed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations also proposes to significantly soften some other fire safety requirements, for example:

- legalize storage rooms in the basement and basement, if they are provided for by the project documentation;

- remove the existing ban on dismantling inter-balcony stairs and welding hatches on balconies and loggias of apartments;

- to allow the placement of seating places for waiting in the corridors of buildings, that is, on evacuation routes, ensuring the geometric parameters of the escape routes;

- to allow making fires in the territories of private households and in common areas in settlements.



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