Minpromtorg Ne Planiruet Vvodit QR Kody V Magazinah

"The department explained that it will be difficult to cope with the flow of people who need to scan the code"

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said they were not discussing the introduction of the QR-code system in Moscow stores. At the same time, the ministry does not consider the introduction of QR codes in trade in Moscow to be similar in the situation with cafes and restaurants.

“Restriction in restaurants is one thing, and trade is completely different. Coping with the flow of people who need to scan the code is a rather difficult task, it can irritate people, ”said the deputy head of the department, Viktor Yevtukhov.

As a reminder, the QR code system has been operating in Moscow since June 28. Without them, you cannot get into cafes, restaurants and public events of more than 500 people. From July 12, the QR code will be required to access the summer verandas of catering outlets.

The QR code is issued to those who have been vaccinated against coronavirus or have received a negative result from a PCR test done a maximum of 3 days ago. It can also be received by those who have had COVID-19 over the past six months.



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