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"The Russian government intends to add gasoline to the list of goods, the export of which may be temporarily restricted"

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation received an order from the Government to develop draft documents to temporarily restrict the export of "certain types of petroleum products", which include gasoline. The newspaper "Kommersant" refers to a copy of the minutes of the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak.

According to the publication, it follows from the protocol that the RF Government will include gasoline in the list of goods important for the domestic market, "in respect of which, in exceptional cases, temporary restrictions or export bans may be established."

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, these measures will help stabilize the situation in the domestic market during periods of peak demand. Conceptually, the idea was previously supported by the Ministry of Energy.

According to preliminary estimates, in March Russia exported to the EAEU countries: 73.4 thousand tons of gasoline to Kyrgyzstan, 7.6 thousand tons to Belarus and 0.3 thousand tons to Kazakhstan, in total, this is 20% of all gasoline exports. If restrictions are introduced on the export of gasoline in all directions, except for the EAEU countries, then about 200-400 thousand tons of the product per month will be banned.

Recall that in early April, the regional departments of the FAS sent letters to the owners of gas stations with a request to justify the increase in fuel prices in retail. The letter spoke of the need to send detailed information to the FAS within 5 days from the receipt of the request on each case of an increase in fuel prices starting from January 1, 2021, explaining the reasons for the increase, the procedure for the formation and change of prices.



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