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"The Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Shareholders Helps Solve the Problems of Citizens Affected by Unscrupulous Developers"

Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree according to which the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Shareholders will be able to transfer part of the apartments in completed houses to citizens who need to improve their living conditions.

The new decree expands the powers of the fund, allowing it to solve the problems of not only defrauded real estate investors, but also those who need to improve their living conditions and have the right to receive housing from the state. Among them are people living in emergency houses, citizens with low income, orphans, large families, and people with disabilities.

The fund will be able to implement programs for providing such citizens with housing in completed houses in conjunction with the regions. This decision will speed up the process of providing housing to those on the waiting list. It is worth noting that the document refers to square meters that the unscrupulous developer did not manage to realize.



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