Gosduma RF Prinyala Zakon Ob Uchete Reklamy V Internete

"The document provides for the creation of a system that will ensure the collection and processing of information about advertisements posted on the Internet"

The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in the third reading a bill on accounting for advertising on the Internet. The document empowers Roskomnadzor to create and maintain such an information system from September 1, 2022.

“By processing and analyzing information posted in the information accounting system for advertising, Roskomnadzor reconciles information in the information posted in the system by advertising distributors, operators of advertising systems, advertising intermediaries, and operators of advertising data,” reads the explanatory note to the law.

Advertisers, advertising system operators, advertising intermediaries who place advertisements on the Internet will be obliged to post relevant information in this system. This can be done independently or through advertising data operators. At the same time, this obligation will not apply to the operator of social advertising.

In the near future, Roskomnadzor will set up a commission to select the operator of advertising data. The procedure for its creation and activity, composition, conditions for selecting an operator of advertising data will be established by the Government of the Russian Federation. Roskomnadzor will maintain a register of advertising data operators.


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