Lawspells services in the oil and gas industry

Natural resources have always been a crucial element of the Russian economy, and the oil and gas industry can be considered one of the most complexly regulated sectors.

Professional legal support for the activities of companies in the oil and gas sector is of particular importance and often becomes the key to successful operational activities and project implementation.

Since 2009, the Lawspells law firm has been providing a wide range of services to companies in the oil and gas industry.

We also take into account the existing sanctions confrontation between states today and help our clients safely conduct business in Russia in this challenging environment.

Benefits of working with Lawspells:

  • Many years of practical experience advising companies in the oil and gas industry on all issues related to their activities
  • Deep understanding of the specifics of various aspects of the oil and gas industry
  • Significant experience in working on complex projects, from entering the Russian market to providing legal support for all nuances of activities during project implementation
  • Personal approach based on the needs of your company
  • Cost optimization: we know how to optimize your legal expenses
  • Results: you get a result that significantly exceeds the "return" from an in-house legal department

Examples of Lawspells services in the oil and gas industry

  • Consulting on business creation in Russia, developing an effective corporate structure
  • Representation of companies in negotiations with counterparties
  • Legal support for all types of transactions, including project implementation, strategic contracts, agreements on geological exploration and extraction of minerals (onshore and offshore), as well as transactions in the course of the company's ordinary activities
  • Development of a complete list of documents necessary for the company's operational activities, internal policies (local regulations)
  • Development of internal legal control systems for the most risky aspects of the company's activities
  • Conducting comprehensive legal audits of oil and gas companies
  • Consulting on the preparation and conclusion of license agreements, and on the re-registration of licenses
  • Managing migration issues, including those related to large migration flows in the course of project implementation
  • Consulting on customs clearance of equipment imported into Russia
  • Full legal support for companies participating in tenders
  • Consulting on interaction with government agencies
  • Representation of oil and gas companies in courts

Examples of Lawspells' project geography in the oil and gas industry

lawspells services oil gas map
  • Lisyansky federal license area
  • Magadan-1 federal license area
  • Ayashskiy subsoil area
  • Vostochno-Prinovozemelskiy-1 license area
  • Vostochno-Prinovozemelskiy-2 license area
  • Leningrad gas condensate field
  • Skuratovskiy subsoil area, 75 Let Pobedy federal gas deposit
  • Kirinskoye gas condensate field
  • Yuzhno-Kirinskoye gas condensate field


Business in Russia under interstate sanctions

In the conditions of complex international sanctions, we pay special attention to assisting our clients in ensuring safe business operations in Russia, organizing logistics, "forced" restructuring, sale/transfer of business.

Constantly changing conditions require making prompt decisions taking into account long-term planning and possible risks. For this purpose, we offer solutions developed and agreed upon by specialized working groups of various experts.

Such solutions are developed taking into account the specifics of your business.

Drawing on our extensive practical experience, Lawspells specialists assist oil and gas companies in confidently developing their business and implementing even the most complex projects.

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